Parts of a Scoresheet

  1. Age Level - team type such as 8U Mite, 10U Squirt, 12U Pee Wee, 14U Bantam.
  2. Date - date of the game.
  3. Rink - where game is being played (e.g., Taft Mays; Shelton Upper).
  4. Home & Visiting Teams - print your CHC Association name here along with the type of team A, A1, B etc. (if it is not on already on the printed label) Do not print Joe’s Mobil or the Bruins. (Example: Watertown 10U B)
  5. Player Info - list full names and numbers of players. It’s best to use printed stickers. 
  6. You must cross off (on all copies) the names of the players and coaches not participating that game. You will need 3 stickers for each game.
  7. If there are any players who are sitting out due to suspension, be sure to note this on the label
  8. Coaches Info - PRINT coaches’ names, their USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) card number, their CEP level (1-4) and the date of expiration on every score sheet. All coaches must be certified at the proper level. This information can be included on the player info sticker. 
  9. NOTE: If coaches are not on the roster, they CAN NOT BE ON THE BENCH!
  10. If there are any coaches who are sitting out due to suspension, be sure to note this on the label
  11. Home & Visitor Verification - one coach from each team MUST sign the score sheet at the end of the game.
  12. Scoring - enter goals and assists as they are called by the referees - remember to enter and circle the total score for each team at the end of the game..
  13. Saves -  enter the goalies number and track all saves (not shots). If the game is split between two goalies repeat the process on the second line.
  14. Penalties - enter penalties as they are called by the referees. The type of penalty, minutes needed to serve, and starting and ending time off the clock must be entered. Each penalty must be entered on a separate line. E.g., If a player gets a minor and a misconduct, they need to be entered separately, not combined into one penalty line.
  15. Referee/Linesman - this area is for the referees to legibly print and sign their names. Please have all referees print their state number next to his or her name
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