Neck and Mouth Guards

Regarding Mouthguards:

From Referee-In-Chief notes on CHC Website dated Oct 18, 2023

Players in age groups 12U and above, in both youth and girls classifications, are required to wear mouthpieces per Rule 304f. This is a USA Hockey rule and may not be waived by a local league.

There is a misconception that only players in the body checking classifications are required to wear mouthpieces. This is not true. Even though 12U is not a body checking classification, players are still required to wear mouthpieces. The CHC Player Safety Coordinator sent a blast email to all CHC member organizations clarifying this. There is no reason that any coach should be questioning this rule.

Regarding Neck Guards:

From Referee-In-Chief notes on CHC Website dated Feb 22, 2022

Beginning March 1, 2022

  • All players on USA Hockey teams governed by the CHC affiliate must wear BNQ certified neck laceration protectors for all games, both in state and out of state
  • Out-of-state teams playing in CT are not required to wear such protection unless mandated by their affiliate
  • Officials are encouraged to discuss this with coaches during the pregame chat to avoid any surprises when the game starts
  • For a 1st violation, the player will be sent off the ice and the team will be given a warning
  • For a 2nd violation by any player on a team who has been previously warned, the player will be assessed a misconduct
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