Game Day Duties

Prior to the Game

  • It is recommended that each team manager keep a 3 ring binder for the team roster, blank score sheets, and game sheets from games already played.
  • Kendra will provide printed labels for each team. If there are changes to the roster she will provide new labels. If there are any errors or changes needed to the labels or if you need new labels, please let Kendra know. 
  • Score sheets will be provided to each team manager. If you need additional forms, please reach out to Amanda Hocking for more.
  • If there are any special instructions (i.e., rink policies, GPS/driving instructions, etc) for any games, please be sure to communicate them to the team.

Day of Game Volunteers Needed

  • When playing home games (at Shelton), volunteers are needed to run the clock and fill out the score sheet as reported by the referees.
  • If a team is in need of being trained on how to keep the score sheet and/or run the clocks, please reach out to Amanda Hocking.
  • There must be a SafeSport certified adult in the locker room at all times when kids are in there.  

After the Game (this piece is critical)

  • Within 2 days of the game
  • Score sheets are to be submitted to the director for the age level as listed in the tab to the left titled "SCORESHEET SUBMISSION" using one of 3 choices of submission. Follow all instructions on that tab for submission.

  • Scores are to be entered, but we are working out how this will work with Crossbar. At this time, please text Kendra with score updates so that she can update the appropriate sites. The head coach can enter score updates on the Watertown page, but Kendra will need to ensure it gets on the CHC page.



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